Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the operating manual? + -

The user’s manual and tutorial are located in the software. To access the tutorial and user’s manual, open Genogram-Maker Millennium, click “Help” in the horizontal menu in the top left of the screen, then “Help Topics”. You can then select “Help”, “Tutorial” or “Index”. Using “Index” you can enter key words or select from an index of terms to obtain detailed instructions. Video instructions on how to access the user’s manual are included in most of the instructional videos. To view a video, including showing access to the Help menu, please view Pregnancy, Stillbirth, Miscarriage & Abortion.

How do you draw lines between figures to represent families and other relationships? + -

It is not necessary to draw your genogram. Genogram-maker Millennium creates the genogram including family and relationship lines automatically as you select and place content in the genogram using specific movements and clicks of the mouse.

Why don’t I see more buttons and menus? + -

I just see a big workspace and very few buttons. Does this mean Genogram-Maker Millennium is very limited in what you can create?

It is true you see a large workspace and very few buttons when you open Genogram-Maker Millennium. Unlike most other software programs designed to create images, the Genogram-Maker Millennium presents a virtual clear screen on which you work without the clutter of buttons and menus. Instead, Genogram-Maker Millennium presents the buttons and menus that are needed for the content you are ready to create when you are ready to create that content. This is explained in the video tutorial Orientation to Genogram-Maker Millennium Part 1.

I have a single user license. On how many computers may I load my software? + -

We recognize that many people have a stationary computer and a mobile device. A user may place a copy of the software on two devices that are dedicated to the user. Placement on a second device for the use of another user is not allowed. Multiple users may use a shared device. This might occur in a work place where multiple users may access one or more devices. If the distribution among users is achieved through a distributed network, a multi-user site license providing for each user must be purchased.

How do you create a family in Genogram-Maker Millennium? + -

Creation of a family including parents, children and relationships in covered in our Quick Start Instructions.

How do you show divorce or separation using Genogram-Maker Millennium? + -

Representation of divorce or separation is covered in our Quick Start Instructions.

“Once one gets the hang of the program, it definitely is easy to use and, in my view, easier in many ways than [the competition].”

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