Genogram-Maker Millennium for Mac

GenoWare, Inc. has ceased operation and no longer sells nor supports any software products including Genogram-Maker Millennium for Windows or Apple (MAC). The download link below is available to access and download the latest version of Genogram-Maker Millennium at no cost.


System Requirements to run Genogram-Maker Millennium for Mac

At the time the link below was activated the software was safe to use and was not contaminated in any way. Genoware cannot and will not guarantee the functionality nor the safety of the download.

GenoWare is in no way responsible for the performance of this software nor any harm experienced related to the product’s download or use.

Apple System Requirements:

In July of 2019 GenoWare ceased sale of the Genogram-Maker Millennium for Mac because it was not fully compatible with the newer Mac Operating Systems.

Mac users attempting to run Genogram-Maker Millennium on Mac OS Sierra 10.12 or later are likely to experience performance issues.

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