Genogram-Maker Millennium for Mac Technical Support

Genogram-Maker Millennium for Mac may demonstrate performance problems when run on MacOS Sierra 10.12 or later. For this reason, Genoware has ceased sale of Genogram-Maker Millennium for Mac

Our Mac customers are important to us and we remain committed to providing assistance to our many Mac users. Users running OS X El Capitan 10.11 or earlier should not experience compatibility issues. We will continue to provide full support to these users.

Users running macOS Sierra 10.12 or later are likely to experience performance issues not within our ability to resolve.

Any Mac customer who owns a purchased version of Genogram-Maker Millennium V3 will, upon confirmation of ownership,  be provided a copy of our equivalent Windows product at no cost. To request a copy of the Windows product send us an email request at

System Requirements + -

In July of 2019 GenoWare ceased sale of the Genogram-Maker Millennium for Mac because it was not fully compatible with the newer Mac Operating Systems.

Mac users attempting to run Genogram-Maker Millennium on Mac OS Sierra 10.12 or later are likely to experience performance issues.

  • Standard desktop or notebook Intel Mac running OS 10.11 El Capitan or earlier. Although Genogram-Maker Millennium V3 for Mac can run on Mac operating systems later than El Capitan, performance limitations often occur. The most common limitation is the inability to create text on the genogram.
  • Software installation must be run from a user with Administrative rights on the system.
  • Under System Preferences > Security and Privacy > allow apps downloaded from: “Anywhere” will need to be selected. Once Genogram-Maker runs the first time, the setting can be changed back to the user’s preference.
Installation + -
  • After mounting the gmmv32.dmg disk image to install the software, copy the Genogram-Maker application icon from the installation Disk Image to the local Applications folder on the Mac. Run the application from the Applications folder.
  • Upon Installation, the system may prompt the user to install the appropriate Mac OS X Java to operate the software. To install Mac OS X Java, click here.
Checking for Version + -

To see the version of Genogram-Maker Millennium installed on your computer:

  • Start Genogram-Maker Millennium
  • Select “About” from the “Help” menu

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