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Are there family patterns that echo through the generations?

A tool created by the authors of the definitive text on genograms provide the answers. Genogram-Maker Millennium quickly creates professional-looking genograms that graphically represent major issues and illnesses within a family.

Simple. Easy. Professional.

A three-generation genogram created in less than one minute! And everything except written text is created simply by using the mouse to select, click and drag.

Genogram-Maker Millennium produces highly complex professional genograms just as simply as what you see here.

Genoware for Professionals

Professionals of many disciplines use genograms to identify the impact of family patterns on individual behaviors. Recognizing the tedious process of creating this valuable tool, Randy Gerson, the founder of Genoware, created the first computer-generated genogram. Learn more.

Genoware for Faculty

As clinicians and educators interested in enhancing students’ understanding of families, the founders of Genoware promoted the teaching, application, and presentation of genograms. Continuing this commitment, Genoware offers a complimentary copy of Genogram-Maker Millenium to faculty, and dramatically reduces the price for students. Learn more.

Genoware for Students

Genogram-Maker Millennium is a favorite software for students who need to create high-quality genograms for academic assignments. The fully functioning software, provided at no additional cost, can be used throughout the academic program and beyond into professional practice. Learn more.

“Hundreds of us doing capital murder cases use your software. It’s that good.
Love the software – it’s pretty cool!”

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