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Genoware’s Commitment to Students

We here at Genoware think of ourselves as a partner with faculty and students in education of professionals using genograms to better care for a broad range of clients. The special services offered to students are many:

  • Student Discounted Pricing
  • Full Ownership of the Product & Free Replacement Download
  • Placement on Two Computers
  • Compatibility with the Leading Academic Text on Genograms
  • Unlimited FREE Technical & User Support

Student Edition Features

Student Discounted Pricing

Genogram-Maker Millennium version 3.0 is the premiere genogram product of medical and mental health professionals, defense attorneys and others. These professionals pay $125.00 for this software. We offer the same software to students with full professional product functionality and benefits for 60% off the standard price. We do this because we want to encourage the use of genograms and because we recognize the financial challenges facing most students.


Full Ownership of the Product & Free Replacement Download

For the reduced price of $50.00 students can obtain a copy of Genogram-Maker Millennium version 3.0. There are no special restrictions on the product’s use. You can keep the software and use it in school, and into your career after graduation. In fact, if you lose your software due to computer failure, maintenance or replacement, we will provide you an online download link of your software at no additional charge.


Placement on Two Computers (owned by the purchaser)

Genoware understands how you work. Just as with the practicing professional, students often need their software on more than one computer. Most students use a laptop for portability, but a second computer is often used also. This may be a desktop at a place of employment or in the dorm, apartment or home, or it may even be a second laptop. We allow and support placement of the software on two of your computers at no additional cost.


Compatibility with the Leading Academic Text on Genograms

Genogram-Maker Millennium has been updated to reflect many of the new symbols and conventions presented in Genograms Assessment and Interventions, 3rd edition by Monica McGoldrich, Randy Gerson and Sueli Petry. Randy Gerson, was the founder of Genoware and creator of the first automated genogram production software.


Unlimited FREE Technical & User Support

Genoware provides free technical and user support. Most software manufacturers charge a hefty hourly or subscription fee for technical and user support. Genoware recognizes that although our software is very easy to use and runs successfully on today’s computers, our customers do sometimes need assistance. It is our desire to make Genoware support readily available to our customers at no additional charge. Find out more about Genoware support for Windows.

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PC System Requirements:

• Operating System: Windows 95 or later
• Clock speed: 300 mHz or higher
• Hard disk space required: Less than 700K bytes

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