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Genoware’s Commitment to Educators

Genoware is committed to encouraging the use of genograms through our support of the education of professionals. Our commitment began with our founder’s academic text on genograms and supports faculty and students learning about the application of genograms.

  • Complimentary Faculty Copy
  • Student Discounted Pricing
  • Electronic Submission & Editing of Student Work
  • Posting to Prepared Documents or Presentations
  • Unlimited Support
  • Designated Academic Partnership

Faculty Edition Features

Complimentary Faculty Copy

Genoware offers a complimentary copy of Genogram-Maker Millennium to faculty who are teaching the use of genograms to students in established academic programs. To request a complimentary faculty copy send an email to including your name, position, weblink to your school, class to be taught, postal mailing address, and email address to which you would like an electronic download sent.

Student Discounted Pricing

Practicing professionals pay $125.00 for this software. We offer the same software to students with full product functionality and benefits for 60% off the standard price. We do this to encourage the use of genograms and because we recognize the financial challenges facing most students. To read more about the benefits Genoware provides student users visit our Student Page.

Electronic Submission & Editing of Student Work

Documents created using Genogram-Maker Millennium can be reviewed and edited on any device using Genogram-Maker Millennium. Student-prepared genograms can be submitted to faculty for review and correction and then returned to the student who can view the corrected document using Genogram-Maker Millennium.

Posting to Prepared Documents or Presentations

Permanent images can be created by saving as a PDF or pasting to any documentation or presentation product such as Word or PowerPoint. This not only supports the ability to integrate genograms into reports and presentations but also provides for the production of an unalterable document when desired.

Unlimited Support

Genoware provides free unlimited technical and user support via email 365 days a year. These services are available to both faculty and students even though the software cost to students and faculty is dramatically reduced or eliminated.

Designated Academic Partnership

In academic environments with at least 15 purchased student licenses per academic session, a Designated Academic Partnership can be established between the academic institution and Genoware. Benefits of these partnerships include custom online webinars and a limited number of no cost scholarship licenses made available to students identified by the faculty. To become a Designated Academic Partner email

“Your customer service is beyond excellent and I shall share the information with my colleagues.”

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