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How to Order
  First, please check the following:

Genogram-Maker Millennium V3.0 requires that .NET 1.1. be installed on your PC. .NET 1.1 has been included on most computers with a Windows operating system purchased within the last few years, and has been automatically placed on older machines that run Windows Update.

If .NET 1.1 is not already installed on your machine, you may see one of the following messages when you attempt to run Genogram-Maker Millennium v3.0:

  • Unable to find MSCOREE.DLL
  • Please set registry key HKLM\Software/Microsoft\.NETFramework\InstallRoot...

    If you need to obtain .NET 1.1 for your machine, you can download it at:


  • Select the Purchase button to continue:

    GenoWare, Inc.
    1826 Crestvale Place NE, Atlanta, GA 30345
    FAX: 800-634-8508