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"It is almost like a Rorschach for family systems... it was helpful for me to see visually where I was putting the emphasis on the family and how I needed to change my view of the system."
                           - Louise Silverstein, Ph. D. Faculty at Yeshiva University and Family Therapist

"As a pastoral counselor, knowing in depth a family and their history is a valuable resource for ministry.  The computerized genogram is extremely helpful in this regard."
                            - Warren Jones, Master of. Divinity, Minister

"Your software is great. It is possibly the most user-friendly new software I have purchased. I was able to install the software and create my genogram of six generations in one night. So thank you." ."
                            - Lorraine Brown, graduate student

"Genealogists are interested in various facets of the family.  When the information is portrayed graphically, as in the genogram software, he/she can see traits and patterns that have evolved over generations."
                            - Norma Chudleigh, Ph. D., Family History Consultant


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