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Updated: January 18, 2004

Genogram-Maker requires that a Windows component, called Java, be installed on your PC. Java was included with all versions of Windows shipped since 1998 until quite recently. So only very new machines and very old machines may lack Java support.

Microsoft provides two different versions of Java. The older version, known as Java VM, is being phased out. The newer version, called J# .NET, is being introduced. Genogram-Maker v1.1.5 will work with either version of Java.

To see if Java VM is already installed on your machine:

  • Go to the Start Menu
  • Select Run...
  • Type WJVIEW and click OK.
  • A dialog, entitled WJVIEW Help, will appear.
  • The build number appears in the upper right corner of this dialog.

If WJVIEW cannot be found, or it is of a version earlier than 5.00.3802, you may need to download and install Java before you can run Genogram-Maker.

You can download the following test program to see if your machine is equipped with either version of Microsoft Java:

If it reports that Java was found, then your machine is ready to run Genogram-Maker. If it reports that Java was not found, or that an outdated version of Java was found, then you must download Java before you can run Genogram-Maker.

Understandably, Microsoft recommends that you install the newer version. But it is much easier to install the older version. You can obtain it here:

If you choose to install the newer version,  you should install the following packages from Microsoft:
1)  .NET Framework 1.1 Redistributable
  • Best obtained from Windows Update (on the Start menu, or the Tools menu of Internet Explorer)
  • Must be installed first!
2)  Visual J# .NET Version 1.1 Redistributable

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