Configuring Tags

Not available in the Web Demonstration Version.

Tags are configured from the Tags tab of the Options Dialog.

Each tag consists of a 16x16 pixel image, and a title. Up to sixteen tags may be defined.

Existing tags can be cut from one position and pasted into another. Similarly, they can be copied from one genogram to another.

New tags are created by placing their images on the clipboard, and then pasting them into the Options dialog. For best results, the image should be 16x16 pixels. Otherwise, Genogram-Maker will shrink or expand the image to make it fit, which will obscure its contents.

NOTE: A tag that contains both an image and a name is stored on the clipboard as a blob, which is understood only by the Options Dialog. If you wish to edit a tag image, you must first erase its name. Then copy it to the clipboard, and paste it into a graphics editor.