A field is a body of text associated with a genogram element, called its anchor. When the anchor is selected, its fields appear in the Text Editor Panel.

The anchor may be a figure, family, or household. A field without anchor is known as a Title Field.

A hidden field does not appear in the genogram drawing. To hide a field, select it and then choose Hide. To show a hidden field, select it in the Text Editor Panel, and then click Hide.

When a field is first created, it is positioned in the genogram according to its default style. (If the default style is hidden, it does not actually appear in the genogram.) After a field is created, its appearance can be modified from the Text Menu, and it can be repositioned using the mouse. To restore a field to its default style, select it, then choose Format Fields or the equivalent button on the Button Bar.

The default style of anchored fields can be modified, if desired. More...

Although a field may contain multiple lines, and is displayed as such in the genogram, it is limited to a single line in the Text Editor Panel. Line breaks are indicated by the symbol "÷". You can insert a line break by pressing the Enter key.

To enter an existing label into a field position, select Link, then click on the label in the workspace.

To detach an existing field from its anchor, select Link, then click on an empty space of the workspace.