Figure Properties

Figure properties appear on the Property Pad when a single figure is selected. Available properties are as follows:


A male figure is represented as a square.

A female figure is represented as circle.

An unborn child is represented as a triangle.

A distant relative of indeterminate features can be represented without shape. Click on the current shape in the Property Pad to remove it. A grey square will remain to indicate that the shapeless figure is selected, but when you select something else, this shade will disappear.


A dead figure is represented by a superimposed X. An aborted figure is often represented without the circle or square shape, and as dead.

Index Person

The index person is the focal point of the genogram, represented by a double boundary. Only male or female figures may have this property.


A homosexual figure is presented by an inscribed triangle. Only male or female figures may have this property.

Psychological Problem

A serious psychological or psychiatric problem is indicated by shading the left half of the figure.

Substance Abuser

An alcoholic, or other substance abuser, is indicated by shading the bottom half of the figure. Alternative patterns indicate a suspected or recovering abuser.


Tags are small graphic images that may appear in a genogram, to the upper right of figures. These can be modified by the user, if desired. More...