The workspace is the large white area of the application where genograms appear.

Print Margins

When the genogram exceeds the size of a printed page, a purple print margin will appear onscreen. This shows where printed page breaks will occur.

Adding Elements

To add an element to the genogram, select a tool from the Tool Pad, then click or drag the mouse to the position where the new element is to appear. More...

Moving Elements

Most elements can be moved by placing the mouse directly over them, and dragging. You can move many elements at a time by selecting them (see below), and then dragging any one of the selected elements. You can also use the arrow keys (on the keyboard), while holding down the Control key, to make small adjustments in position.

Selecting Elements

You select a genogram element by clicking on it. A highlight will appear around the selected item.

To select additional elements, click while holding down the Control Key (Windows) or the Shift Key (Mac).

To select a range of elements, choose the Selection Tool, located at the upper left of the Tool Pad. Then drag the mouse over the desired region.

Windows only: Alternatively, you can click on one element, then shift-click on another element, to select all elements between the two.

When a single element is selected, its Property Pad will appear in the left margin.

To deselect all elements, click anywhere in the dead area of the left margin or Text Edit Panel.

You can delete all selected items by pressing the Delete Key, or by clicking the Delete Button on the Button Bar.