A genogram is a graphical diagram, widely used by clinicians, to display information gathered during a family assessment, and to identify patterns in the family system. To learn more about genograms, see the textbook by McGoldrick, Gerson and Shellenberger.

Genogram-Maker Millennium enables the user to create elegant genogram diagrams. To jump right in and see what Genogram-Maker Millennium can do, load the sample genogram. If you are a new user, please start by reading the tutorial.

You are now running the Web Demonstration Version. Due to security restrictions built into your web browser, this version is not permitted to read or write files, print documents, or access the clipboard.

Genogram-Maker Millennium features a single-document interface window, whose components are listed below.


The workspace is the large white area of the application where genograms appear. Genogram elements are added, selected, modified or removed by clicking or dragging the mouse over the workspace. More...


Menus enumerate operations the user may perform, such as saving the genogram, or coloring a selected figure green. More...

Button Bar

The Button Bar appears above the workspace. Buttons on the Button Bar are, essentially, shortcuts to frequently-used menu selections. More...

Tool Pad

The Tool Pad appears at the top of the left margin. Each tool is used to create a particular genogram element. More...

Property Pad

The Property Pad appears in the middle of the left margin, when a single genogram element is selected.

Text Editor Panel

The Text Editor Panel appears below the workspace. It is opened or closed by clicking the button located at the bottom of the left margin. It is used to edit labels and fields that appear in a genogram.