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Lesson 1

Selecting a Genogram Element

A genogram consists of diverse elements: squares and circles representing people, vertical and horizontal lines representing families, diagonal lines representing relationships between two individuals, and blocks of text providing further details.

You select an element by clicking on it. A highlight will appear around the selected element.

To deselect (i.e., to select nothing), click on the grey area of the left margin.


  1. On the File Menu, click Sample Genogram. An elaborate genogram will appear in the workspace.
  2. Use the scroll bars to move to the top left corner of the genogram.
  3. Click on the name "Edward O'Neill"
  4. Click on the square representing Edward O'Neill, located above his name.
  5. Click on the horizontal line below Edward O'Neill, representing his marriage.
  6. Click on the jagged diagonal line representing Edward's conflicted relationship with his son James.
  7. Locate the dotted horizontal line representing Nettie Walsh's affair with James. Click on the slash through this line, representing her separation from him.
  8. Click on the grey area of the left margin to select nothing.
NOTE: If you make a mistake, just reload the sample genogram and start over.

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